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Flood Damage Restoration in Santa Clarita

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Has your home been damaged by a water leak or flood? Water Damage Specialists & Rooter offers expert restoration services for flood damage in Santa Clarita. Our professionally trained and experienced technicians provide water damage restoration services to remove all saturated materials and excess moisture to prevent further deterioration of building materials and fully restore your property.

Flood damage should be handled without delay. (747) 229-1422 for immediate service.

Water Damage Remediation

In addition to flooding and obvious plumbing leaks, there can be hidden sources of water damage. These may include undetected plumbing leaks, open windows, or roof leaks. We use multiple techniques for leak detection to track down the source of the problem and get to work repairing your flood damage in Santa Clarita.

The water damage restoration process includes:

  • Inspection – Wetness can be hiding under floor coverings, within the walls, in attics, in crawl spaces, inside cabinets, and so on. Our process begins with a thorough assessment and a free estimate. We take a detailed inventory of damages for insurance purposes and create a detailed action plan to correct the cause of the problem. We can provide pack-out services to protect your furniture and possessions, as well as speed dry the affected areas to restore your home to pre-damage condition. We understand that dealing with a catastrophe is a huge inconvenience in your life and we are here to guide you through the entire process.
  • Water Extraction – After pumping out all standing or pooled water and dealing with any sanitation issues, specialized water extraction equipment and techniques are used to remove twice the amount of water removed by less effective methods used by many competitors. This reduces the drying out time by a day or two, which helps reduce the damage.
  • Building Structural Drying – A combination of refrigerant dehumidifiers and high volume blowers are used to reduce moisture to a safe level as quickly as possible. Additional equipment used to dry your home may include rescue mats for drying hardwood floors, local heaters, or pressurized air for drying the interior of walls. We frequently monitor temperature and humidity levels until they are within the normal range.
  • Mold Removal – Non-toxic antimicrobial and mildicide treatments are applied to affected areas. Despite our best efforts and using approved methods and practices, sometimes mold becomes an issue. Mold may cause allergy and respiratory symptoms and damage building materials. Should mold become a problem, we perform the necessary mold remediation procedures to permanently remove mold and prevent regrowth in the future.
  • Odor Removal – Odor from water or mold often comes from difficult or impossible to reach location. We use ozone and hydroxyl generators to take care of that, neutralizing the smelly compounds rather than just temporarily masking odors. Both types of generators produce simple molecules that break down odor compounds. The process is completely safe, as ozone and hydroxyl themselves break down into oxygen and water in about a day. Hydroxyl generators are safe enough for use while the work is being done and you can continue to occupy your home or business.

Take Prompt Action & Call (747) 229-1422

By taking prompt and proper action, you can help prevent further water damage and mold growth after flood damage in Santa Clarita. Water Damage Specialists & Rooter is a full-service restoration company, so you will not have to hire and manage multiple contractors and worry that something will be overlooked. We handle your job from start to finish, including the hassles of insurance paperwork. When we are finished, your home or business will look as though nothing ever happened.

Contact us by telephone at (747) 229-1422 for 24-hour emergency service.

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