Five Star Corporate Level Work

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About Water Damage Specialists & Rooter

Five Star Corporate Level Work at Mom & Pop- Shop Prices

Water Damage Specialists are a fast-growing company that is family-owned and family-operated located in the Santa Clarita Valley. Since we are family-oriented, our employees have been handpicked for their personalities, their skills, and their ability to think fast on their feet. We are proudly composed of talented workers from many different ethnicities and backgrounds. Our diversity has blessed us with employees who are skilled in countless areas of expertise. We also proudly provide sponsorships for educational programs so that they can further educate themselves in areas of skill that may need work. That way, we are ALWAYS on top of our game!

What We Do

If an emergency arises, we will arrive within one hour at your location (no matter what time you call). We will listen carefully to the problem that is at hand and ask a few questions to better understand which team will need to be organized. Even if you call at 3 A.M, our team will be ready to go and en route, as our work vans are already fully stocked with every possible bit of equipment that we could possibly need. From there on, we assess what the problem is and work our way to finding the cause of what happened. Once we figure out the problem, we will begin to set up containment of the situation so that it doesn’t spread further and cause even more damage. After containment, we begin clearing out and fixing the problem. Once the problem is fixed, we begin to do final walkthroughs and final assessments to make sure that the problem is completely dealt with. After that, we begin cleanup and proper disposal of any potentially hazardous waste. Job is done!

Call us today at (747) 229-1422 or contact us online for prompt and professional water damage restoration in Santa Clarita.

What Makes Us Different

We are a company that started off working for bigger companies and large corporations. After working there for many years, we began to see them cut corners and noticed what mattered to them most: Profits. Although we learned valuable information and gained useful skills, the feeling of only making a quick buck off of families didn’t settle right. So we at Water Damage Specialists & Rooter decided to form our own business that was intended to put our customers first. Almost all of our employees have children and families that reflect what we see in our customers. We truly realize and understand that our clients are NOT just faceless customers with a checkbook, they are families and individuals just like us! By putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers, we go above and beyond the call of action so that the difficult situation that we are called to fix is done right.

Our Professionalism

We will be there for you from the time you call us to when we finish cleaning up. We treat every customer’s home or place of business as if it were our own. This has helped us to become highly successful and highly recommended by all of our past clients. We take every precaution and preventable measure to protect you, your property, and your family from potential dangers. We are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration.

Call us today at (747) 229-1422 for fast and effective water damage specialists in Santa Clarita. We can help you today and be at your building within one hour for any emergencies!

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  • Family Owned And Operated
    Family Owned and Operated
  • Available 24/7
    Available 24/7
  • Inexpensive Santa Clarita Water Damage Specialist
    Our Customers are Top Priority
  • Always on top of our game!
    ALWAYS on Top of Our Game
  • Invest in our Technicians
    Invest in our Technicians
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    HOA friendly

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